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Add101 driving school.

Becoming a competent and quality driver is becoming a challenge day by day. But good for you, your journey of becoming a professional driver has just begun with quality driving lessons Wolverhampton from Add101. Being able to become a competent driver takes much more than a good training school. Learners need flexibility, freedom and reliability, which is what Add101 driving school, offers you.


Different people have different goals as to why they join driving schools. Whether you are looking to pass your driver’s test after our meticulous training or want to enjoy the flexibility of becoming an instructor, we will ensure that you achieve your goals thanks to our tailor made packages. If you would like to train as a driving instructor we recommend.


Some pupils like the traditional learning method where they are taken through the process step by step driving lessons Wolverhampton usually on a weekly basis. Others prefer to be taken through the affair on an intensive basis, which teaches you the same things only in a short while.

driving lessons Wolverhampton

Intensive courses.

An intensive driving course Wolverhampton is well suited and tailor made for individuals who need to pass their driving test promptly. The content is no different from the normal driving course. The contents are the same only that the course is structured in a way that the learner will go through it faster. Instructors at Add101 driving school in Wolverhampton will help you with the theory test so that you get to the road as soon as possible.

Benefits of intensive driving course.

  • Pupils get the required standards of competence in driving in the shortest time possible.
  • Pupils better retain what they have learned because of the condensed nature of the course.
  • Learners are better able to manage their time, which means that they can use extra time to do other things.

What you have to bear in mind is that you have to take your theory taste before starting the intensive driving course.

Automatic driving lessons in Wolverhampton.

Automatic vehicles are becoming more popular by the day. Add101 driving school prides itself in making sure that those wishing to use these kinds of vehicles are aptly prepared. There is convenience that comes with automatic vehicles especially for drivers that use their vehicles within the city or are nervous that engaging gears becomes a challenge.

Automatic cars have a gear selection mechanism that determines the gear that the vehicle needs to use given a set of factors. At affordable rates, we make sure that our pupils get quality training to equip them to use such cars.

Female driving Instructors.

Overcoming barriers is a very important aspect of learning. Our learning atmosphere provides something that is ample for everyone. Some pupils prefer to be tutored by ladies. This is understandable because of their personality and experiences. Add101 driving school offers female driving instructors to make our pupils comfortable which enhances their learning experience.

Your confidence and competent is our business. We treat all our students with utmost respect. Our drivers are approved and continuously monitored by Driving Standards Agency. We take pride in the tuition we give and invite you to be part of us as we build a legacy as the best driving school in Wolverhampton.

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